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Resume Tips

Resume tips for writing a resume that gets results.

1. Make your resume one page. It should be clean, attractive and have an easy to follow layout.
2. It should also be updated with the very latest information. Correct address, phone numbers and current job status.
3. Do not include a lot of fluff. Make your words work for you and deliver the most bang for your buck. Cut out the "team player", "excellent communication skills" and all other over used words.
4. Chronological work history is preferred by employers. It is easy to follow and can be reviewed quickly. The easier it is for a hiring manager to follow, the better your chance of an interview.
5. Include key words in the right places that indicate your accomplishments. Scanners spend 25 seconds scanning a resume, employers and recruiters spend 6 seconds.
6. Proofread your resume. There should be no typographical errors. Proofread your resume until it's perfect. Let everyone you know read it over before it is sent anywhere. Resumes with errors don't get read.
7. Customize your resume. The more you can tailor your resume to a specific job the better your chances of getting an interview. Impress an employer with your action-results statements. How did you take a problem and solve it. What were the beneficial results for the company?
8. No hobbies and interests necessary unless they are relevant to the job you are applying for.
9. Your resume is your marketing tool. The goal is to get the interview. It is not an autobiography. Your resume should make your accomplishments stand out from all
the rest.
10. It has been said that success means doing what others won’t.  That is especially true when it comes to resumes.
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