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Choosing Temporary.

Temporary and permanent work is offered by Park Personnel Services in a variety of companies and will vary in length. We have short-term assignments and long-term assignments, full-time and part-time. Our opportunities may be in small companies, mid-sized or large firms. When you work as a temporary associate, you will be employed by Park Personnel Services.
We work with 100's of companies. After an in depth interview and skills evaluation, we will work with you in order to find just the right job for you!
Temporary work offers freedom.
Because it's temporary, you can choose the length of the assignment that meets your personal schedule.
Temporary work offers flexibility.
If you are raising a family, enjoy a full personal travel schedule, or are active in many organizations and activities and need flexibility, temporary work allows you to work according to your schedule.
Is variety your driving need?
Do you find yourself getting bored with the same job and the same environment with very few new challenges to encounter?
Temporary work gives you a paycheck.
Maybe you are waiting to hear about a permanent position you interviewed for but, in the meantime, you need to have some money coming in. Temporary assignments can keep you going while you wait.
Temporary assignments are a great way to build your resume.
Recent college graduates, those re-entering the workforce, downsized workers looking for a new career path find temporary assignments a great way to build new skills, get "their foot in the door" and network their way to an extraordinary career.

Temporary to Perm

Temporary to permanent is an option for all those who would like a permanent position but would find it very helpful to try it out before committing permanently. Temporary to Perm offers you the chance to work, get a feel for the company culture and then decide if this is where you personally belong.

Permanent Placement

You have worked hard in building your career. You have expertise in your field but must find a new position because of circumstances. Our contacts and connections run deep. We know the marketplace and opportunities available in your field and can get you connected. One of our professional recruiters in your field will work with you in finding the right level position, in just the right setting that matches your criteria.
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