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Business Etiquette


Business etiquette is more than knowing the right way to behave in business settings. It is also a way of presenting yourself in business and social settings with confidence as you engage others and listen to their ideas. Good manners are essential for getting ahead. Proper etiquette can help people land jobs, get promotions and establish lasting relationships with others. It includes being comfortable in all business settings from business meetings to new people introductions to table manners at business luncheons. The most successful men and women have learned how to make others feel at ease and get the job done effectively.

Good communication and listening skills are at the core of good etiquette. In order for people to work together, establish good teams and get the job done, they must listen to each other. When someone else is speaking, do not interrupt. Listen thoughtfully, make good eye contact and convey your interest to the speaker.

Always be on your best behavior. Being polite makes you an easy person to work with. Using please and thank you in person and also in all written correspondence shows your thoughtfulness of others. Never raise your voice to others or use offensive language.

A handshake is always proper when being introduced, it can tell a lot about a person. It can leave a powerful impression. We all can remember unpleasant handshakes and understand the negative impressions that left us with. A handshake should be firm and with eye contact. This will be the start of a positive relationship!

Introductions should always take into consideration who is the high level worker. When making an introduction always introduce the lower-level worker to the higher-level individual. This shows respect of the position.

Table Manners are noticed. There will be times when you are out with co-workers or attending a business luncheon. If you are not familiar with most table manners, you should make an effort to educate yourself. General table manners to practice at a luncheon include not talking with food in your mouth, placing your napkin on your lap when eating, and not setting your bags or brief cases on the table.

Electronic Etiquette is tricky. Email has become so prevalent in today's companies that much of it is more personal than company related. Remember your email is a reflection of your professionalism. Business e-mail does not include smiley faces.

Dress in order to reflect your feelings on good business etiquette. The business world is professional and the people who work in it reflect their level of professionalism. Always make sure your clothes are clean, pressed, and appropriate to your office. Suits, blouses, skirts, blazers, and ties make a good impression.

International Business Etiquette is not to be overlooked. Do your research before doing business. Countries vary on proper etiquette. In Middle Eastern countries, for example, titles are very important. Only family and friends use first names.

Respect is fundamental to your success and the success of your work place. Make it the theme of your office to ask, "How would the other person like to be treated?" If someone has been treated wrongly by you or someone else, don't forget to say the words " I am sorry" and mean it.
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